Top 80s Costumes Inspired by 80s Music and Musical Stars

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Top 80s Costumes Inspired by 80s Music and Musical Stars

Most of the 80s costumes were inspired by the popular 80s musicians and superstars. In fact, what would have been regarded as awkward dressing became the norm in those days because of the musical stars involved. Some of those musicians in the 80s that largely influenced the fashion trend those days included Michael Jackson (the king of pop music himself) and MC Hammer. On the ladies side, Madonna and other top female musicians inspired most of the ladies fashion in the 80s.

#1: Michael Jackson’s Inspired 80s Costumes

Being one of the most influential musicians of that time and beyond, most of the fashion trends and fashion items in the 80s were inspired by Michael Jackson and his musical albums. The major clothing items that characterized Michael Jackson’s costumes include the following;

  • Oversized tops and shirts – the slouchy types
  • Leather studded jackets
  • Leather bomber jackets
  • Sparkly fingerless glove

So, most of men’s fashions in the 80s were inspired by Michael Jackson’s musical 80s costumes and fashion. It’s not surprising that these fashion items and styles are fast returning back to the fashion scene. And, you can integrate Michael Jackson’s inspired fashion style into your party wears, Halloween costume concept, and even your regular clothing style.

#2: MC Hammer’s Inspired 80s Costumes

One of the noticeable clothing items inspired by MC Hammer’s 80s costumes is the Parachute Pant. The pants were also popularly called “Hammer Pants”. This popular musician and rapper was the favorite of so many young people and old people alike.

The parachute pants were quite roomy and big, and the crotch area featured a large space, where most of the fabric was probably concentrated. Today, people are bringing back this fashion into the scene as you would see with many party wears and Halloween outfits.

Madonna’s Inspired 80s Costumes

For the female folks who lived in the 80s, Madonna was a super-heroine to be reckoned with. To some people, those leg warmers and fishnet stockings worn under miniskirts did not make much sense, yet they were drawn to the fashion because of the music superstar involved.

The features that characterized Madonna’s 80s costumes and fashion include the following;

  • Denim miniskirts and jeans
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Leggings
  • Over-sized tops – the one-hand-off-the-shoulder styles
  • Heavy makeup – particularly with eyeliner, blue eyeshadow and other bright color makeup items
  • Multiple bangles or bracelets
  • Jelly high heel boots
  • Large hoop earrings
  • …and more


It’s no surprise that Madonna’s 80s costumes are back in today’s fashion scene. Other musical icons that inspired a lot of the 80s fashion include Prince and Annie Lennox, and Boy George.