Perfect Hair Look for an 80s Fashion Statement

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You managed to pull off stunning 80s dressing, but you’re not sure of what hairstyle will be a perfect match for your look? The era has its own hairdo, which would be a great complement for any 80s fashion look. Come along and get some pretty cool 80s hairdos tips!
You can Choose to Go Big or Stay Home
Big hair was the order of the day back in the days. People often went for perms on their straight hair. So, they always wore curled hair. But, you can come up with big hair using hairspray and a comb – this will give you a nicely teased hair that speaks volume of the 80s.
Wear a Mullet Hairdo
Opting for a mullet can be a great addition to your 80s dressing. The iconic singer, Billy Ray Cyrus has this hairdo as his hairstyle signature. Both men and women can wear mullet for an 80s fashion just as they did back in the days.
You don’t have to cut your hair to get a mullet hairdo, a mullet wig can do the work for you. Just head to a party store and ask for a mullet wig. And, if you have a long wig, you can transform it into a mullet wig style.

80s look

How about Crimping or Curling Your Hair?
Another way to wear a hairdo that fitly complements 80s fashion is to crimp or curl your hair. The flat iron will crimp waves onto your hair. Just make sure the crimper is set to high heat. Crimping helps to play the trick of more voluminous hair.
Another option is to use curlers or a curling comb to curl your hair. Use your fingers to toss the hair after curling, and spray the hair. This will also create an illusion of voluminous hair.
Consider a Side Ponytail
Side ponytail is also typical of the 1980’s style, both for curly and straight hair. As you can see, bigger is always better when it comes to 80s hair. In essence, consider teasing or curling your hair prior to styling it into a side ponytail, for a more authentic and voluminous hair.
Great hairstyle ideas for a great 80s fashion statement, right? So, go ahead and experiment them!