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People who lived in the 80s know exactly what the power suit looked like. Fashion was highly radicalized with so much bold colors, baggy blazers and extremely weird hairstyles. Let put you through what made up the 80’s clothing, accessories and general looks in the 80s.

Neon Colors

The Neon colors were there to give the daring look of the decade

Supersized Hair

The hair in the 80s seemed so big that you could hide a book in it. It could probably serve as a bird nest. They came big, bold and curly. That was just the trend and if yours isn’t looking like that, you are not doing it right. The hair was usually accompanied by the power suit and showy eye shadow all the way up to the brow.

Bold Earrings

The massive hairstyle meant the earrings had to correspond. The 80s women put on bold earrings that went all the way down to the shoulders.

The 80s people also had boom boxes on as accessories. Crazy huh?

Lace Gloves

It was totally okay to wear on just one hand, but both hands are dope. Celebrities like Madonna raised the stakes here as she was often seen in gloves on her musical videos. They made this stuff look like it was a must-have accessory.

Popped Collars

It was trendy to go on popped collar t-shirts in the 80s.

Bolo Ties

Pretty hard to wrap your head around why these Bolo ties were considered cool eh? Well, same for us. I’m sure the kids of this dispensation have zero idea what those are.

Crop Tops

This one sound very familiar. Crop tops have come back of late and are quite popular. But this one was a cool concept back in the 80s.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulders looked too big in the 80s. Were you wondering why? Well, shoulder pads quite made the cut.

Down Vest

This one seems to have returned too. Marty McFly rocked it really cool in the 80s.

Everyday Wear

The legwarmers and Lycra apparently weren’t just for the gym.

Parachute Pants

Want to sneak snacks into the theater? Here you go. The parachute pants were also highly useful should you ever need to jump out of the plane on emergency.

The 80s also had trends like the fanciful fringe, fedoras tilted to the back (this one was a priority) and mullets.