80s Fashion for Women in the 21st Century

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80s Fashion for Women in the 21st Century

A closer look at the 21st century fashion trend will reveal a lot of features, elements, inspirations and trends from the 80s fashion. In fact, the fashion section of big stores now stocks mostly 80 fashion units and accessories. What bell does that ring? 80s clothing styles are back in the 21st century. Both men and women can make tons of fashion statements taking cue from the 80s fashion trends.

Generally, when the 1980s fashion comes to mind, people usually picture bright, colorful outfits and accessories. In addition, the fashion in the 80s featured ‘big hair’, heavy makeup, tight faded jeans and other stylish outfits.

80s Fashion for Women

80s fashion for women are grouped in these categories;


One of the popular clothing styles in the 80s was the off-shoulder tops and shirts. Young women and teenage girls went gaga over this clothing style. Recently, this clothing pattern has returned to women’s fashion world and is seen to be cool and stylish. These off-shoulder tops and shirts are usually over-sized and sometimes complemented with belt around the waist.

Generally, the clothing items that would perfectly reflect the 80s fashion include skin-tight acid washed jeans, crop tops, short leggings, scrunch socks or leg-warmers, as well as extremely tight miniskirts.

Hair Styles

Also, the 80s women had a trend of hairdos and hair looks. Particularly, women from this decade wore ‘big hair’… the bigger the better. And, they had a lot of hairsprays and gel applied to the hair to accentuate the density and overall look. Some of the popular accessories or ornaments of 80s hair fashion included feathered accessory. Big bows, or bandana folded and tied around the hair (rocker girl look). Also, 80s fashion for women in terms of hairdos included long shags and intense hair coloring. These hairstyle statements can be integrated into today’s dressing themes such as parties, Halloween, casual outings and other purposes.


Again, women that lived in the 80s decade had a kind of shoes that appealed to them. Typically, these women were fanatical about jelly shoes and high-heeled stilettos. Needless to say, lot women are increasingly wearing high-heeled stilettos and jelly shoes for parties, evening outings, including Halloween parties and festivities.


For women in the 80s, the widely sought-after 80s fashion accessories included large hoop earrings, bold hair bows, slap bracelets and more. Additionally, the makeup was heavy and brightly colored. The popular colors include light-blue and pink blush, dark eyeliners, and loud color lipsticks.

These days, women and teens are taking a cue from these 80s fashion clothing, foot wears, hairstyles, makeup and accessories to complement their looks for 80s party, Halloween costumes, casual outfits, and just for any purpose.